Respect at Wickersley Youth

Wickersley Youth Junior Football Club are fully in support of the FA Respect Program, which aims to create an atmosphere of mutual respect across coaches, referees, supporters and players.

Thousands of children each year leave the game due to the attitude of over-enthusiastic or pushy parents and the nation as a whole is struggling to keep referees due to the abuse that they receive from the sidelines at all levels of the game.

The FA has implemented a scheme across all football clubs from the smallest grassroots clubs right through to Premier League clubs and the national team and it is designed to offer a level of consistency of respect no matter what your level is.
The FA Respect Scheme includes a number of codes of conduct for parents, players and coaches and Wickersley Youth fully supports these schemes.

If anyone is found to be going against these codes then Wickersley as a club will look to act.

FA research shows that more than 7,000 youngsters have hung up their boots over the last two years due to pressure from the sidelines, while a massive 98 percent of grassroots referees had been verbally abused from the touchlines.

We need to act NOW and stamp out this negative behaviour.