Team Manager Phone Number Email
Academy (Ages 4-6) Bob Sanderson 07710 485782
Under 7 single Jonathan Rayment 07807 609105
Under 7 single TBC
Under 8’s Boys Double (Y3 at School) Aaron Boyd 07733 367822
Under 8’s Boys single (Y3 at School) Andy Hambrey
Under 8’s Boys Single (Y3 at School) Andy Tudor 07761864484
Under 9’s Boys (Y4 and below) Darryl Winter 07954133706
Under 10’s Boys (Y4 and below) Stuart Hall 07429183168
Under 11’s Boys double (Y5 and below) Des North 07791 021954
Under 12’s Boys Blue (Y6 and below) Jamie Clarke 07881 097725
Under 12’s Boys Red (Y6 and below) Craig Douglas 07487 811358
Under 12’s Boys White (Y6 and below) Paul Bates 07970 735472
Under 13’s Boys (Y7 and below) Martin Hacking 07793 279757
Under 14’s Boys Red (Y8 and below) Nigel Twigg 07909 332573
Under 14’s Boys Blue (Y8 and below) Dean Baker
Under 14’s Boys White (Y8 and below) Bob Sanderson 07710 485782
Under 14’s Boys Black (Y8 and below) Jim Packer 07832188502
Under 15’s Boys Red (Y9 and below) Colin Bamford & Steve Fells 07880 491223 & 07903 977354
Under 16’s Boys (Y10 and below) Michael Jordan 07830 342199