Wickersley Youth Team Manager Phone Number Email Address
Under 10’s Girls (Y5 and below) Les Hince 07984 642974 Les.hince@sky.com
Under 11’s Girls (Y6 and below) Frag McClare 07481993624 fragmcclare@icloud.com
Under 12’s Girls Blue (Y7 and below) Mark Wares 07780436035 waresfootball@gmail.com
Under 12’s Girls Red (Y7 and below) Richard Williams 07981 560630 riccardoitaliano@hotmail.com
Under 13’s Girls (Y8 and below) Richard Unwin 07860 881068 unwinrichard@hotmail.co.uk
Under 14’s Girls (Y9 and below)
Under 15’s Girls (Y10 and below) Des North 07791 021954 desnorth@icloud.com