Used Football Boot Recycling with Wickersley Youth

One of our coaches noticed that one of his players was struggling to run at training and he was puzzled. It turned out that the players boots were too small and his parents couldn’t afford new ones.

There are many families who struggle to keep up with growing kids and the cost of boots and trainers.

Our club president Bob Sanderson has decided to take in any old boots/trainers and recycle them to kids who need them. They will be given away free to players in need or for a small charge which he will donate to charity.


Bob will take them off you and find a new home for them to put a smile on a kids face and save struggling parents a few quid.

If you have any old boots that would be great in a new home, please donate them.

All sizes welcome

You can do this by:

Giving to your manager to bring to the managers meeting.
Pass to Bob, he is always at Rotherham Football Centre.
Message us your address and Bob will collect or message Bob direct.

If you are a family in need – please contact Bob on 07710 485782