Wickersley Youth Junior Football Club Presentation Day Timings

The Presentation day for teams is happening on May 17th at Wickersley Old Village Cricket Club​. Kicking off with the academy at midday, the teams will be in 20 minute slots, finishing with the Under 16 girls at 17.40.

It will be a great day with loads of stuff for the kids to do and a bar for the adults!

Remember, any child that has attended the academy this year is welcome along to come and receive a medal, we would love to see you there.
Please share this post to raise awareness to those that may get missed.


Timings are as follows:


12:00 Academy
12:20 Under 7s
12:40 Under 7 Blues
13:00 Under 8s
13:20 Under 9s
13:40 Under 10s
14:00 Under 10s Girls
14:20 Under 11s
14:40 Under 11s Girls
15:00 Under 12s Red
15:20 Under 12s Blue
15:40 Under 13s Red
16:00 Under 13s Blue
16:20 Under 14s
16:40 Under 15s
17:00 Under 15s Girls
17:20 Under 16s
17:40 Under 16s Girls